Hello, I’m Martin Dragos – welcome to my homepage!

I have been practicing Wing Tsun (WT) for over 30 years. In order to learn this fascinating martial art, I had to invest a lot of time, effort and a small fortune. That’s why only a few people are able to master the complete Wing Tsun system.

In consideration of the industry, which usually has secret cults, it is almost a miracle that some people reach the master class at all.

Today most Wing Tsun teachers are in an early stage of training themselves, even if they have been through years of training.

They are in a structure which is subject to particular rules. Rules that are minimizing their success, restraining real improvement and that are fooling them by pretending that it’s normal and that it has always been like that.

If you really want to improve and are neither a millionaire nor want to wait 20 years to learn the entire system, it’s time for you to wake up!

I want to invite you to put away possible prejudices for a moment and to allow the thought of an efficient and at the same time reliable and alternative way for you, which can be the key to personal improvement and future Wing Tsun success.

Sifu Martin Dragos